Blue and silver Am stripe 20 ga Remington 870

Siaga 12 Guage Shotgun
Magpul Dark Earth, Magpul OD Green & Tactical Black Tribal Symbols
Israeli Tavor SAR  DuraCoated In Wolf Grey and Navy Blue
Black, gray, green & brown digital
GSG-22LR HK Look-a-like, In Our Desert Digital Pattern.Customers Remington 700 In Our Black, Green & Gray Custom Digital Pattern.
Our Custom Purple, Lavender & White Digital Done For A Customers Wifes Birthday, (SURPRISE).Customers FAL In MagPul Dark Earth & Black.Customers AK-47 In Our Viet Nam TigerStripe Pattern.

Our Red, White & Blue Digital Pattern On A Beretta Storm 9mm

Our Black Urban Digital On A Stag Arms AR-15 W/Matching Springfield XD & Accessories

Phil's FAL In Our Vietnam Tiger Stripe PatternJacks HK91 In Our Urban Mirageflauge Pattern

Our Black Urban Digital On S&W M&P 45 ACP

 Our Purple Passion On A S&W 422

Our Lighter Urban Digital
Our Gray Urban Digital On Phil's M-14

Our Woodland Digital On Stoeger 45 ACP

Our AM Tiger Stripe On A FN FAL

Our New Woodland Digital Twig On A S&W M&P AR-15 & Accessories 

 Our Desert Two Tone On A CZ-82 Pistols With Grips Reversed

Our Black Urban Colors W/Woodland Pattern On A Para Trooper SKS

Our Black Urban Digital Pattern On A New JRC 45 ACP That Uses Glock Model 21 Magazines

Phil's Galil In Our New Desert Night Warrior Pattern w/acc and mags.Customers AK-74 In Our Urban TigerStripe With Matte Black Baby Eagle Pistol, acc & magsCustomers Remington Shotgun Our Custom Black, Green & Gray Digital Pattern.

Our Pink Barbed Wire On AR-15 Carbine

We Call This Our "Zombie Judge" A Taurus Judge In 45 Long Colt & 410 Shot Gun Shells

Our Red Barbed Wire Pattern On A Springfield XD & Accessories

Our Two Tone MagPul Foliage Green Digital Pattern On HK AR 22

Our Black Mamba Snake Scales Pattern On A Colt 1911

Our Pink Digital Pattern On A Serbian 9MM

Our Zombie Hunter Furniture On AR-15 With Magazine

A Custom Woodland Pattern Asked For By A Customer On His DPMS LRB 308 cal.

Our Pink And Black Two Tone On A S&W M&P 9MM

We Matched Up The Barrel, Bi-Pod & Magazine to The Real Tree Scope On This S&W M&P AR-22

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